Friday, September 18, 2009


So this past week me and Brandon started registering for our shower. It was seriously so much fun!!! I love the fact (most of the time) hehe that Brandon is so easy going about what colors I want the kitchen, the and the living room, but also he is very very adamant about things too, like the bathroom things and the bedroom colors lol. Watching him with the scanner gun, I could only smile and laugh at how cute he was when he scanned an item. Or how when I REALLY didn't want the snow cone machine that he did, that he would just settle on something else he REALLY wanted like the magic bullet :) He loves me so much and I know would give up anything for me, as I would too! I hope that our marriage will be the kind that complements each other, that is understanding - the way we were when registering, and SOOOO much fun like that was!!! :) haha

Love to All
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  1. You'll LOVE the bullet! It's a great pick - even though it's a compromise - you'll be happy with it too!