Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday Bash!!!

This weekend was my new brother Gabes 29th Birthday!!! It was sooo much fun! Early Saturday monrning, a bunch of us went to Ann Arbor to go 2 person kayaking (Gabes request) I later found out why he loves it so much - Hannah paddles the whole time while Gabe sits back and enjoys the view hehe :) NO - We had a blast though, had lunch, and then headed back for a birthday bash dinner at PF Changs with all Gabes Friends!

We had such a great time that we had to continue it with the family the next day after church! Wow Hannah is an amazing wife - She not only planned the whole day on Saturday, but she also bought all the food Sunday and did tons of planning for Gabe!!! She is adoreable. My mom is also sooo amazing! She help make all the food, and hosted the party at our house!

Me and Brandon are so grateful to have such amazing family!!! I cant wait to be the awesome wife Hannah is to Gabe to Brandon!

Happy Birthday Gabe!!!

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