Tuesday, August 11, 2009

500 Nights Of Summer

So yesterday me and Brandon celebrated our 5 1/2 yr. Its funny to think that the next time we celebrate another milestone in our relationships we will be getting married 9 days after :) 
We went to Luciano's for dinner and then met up with my mom, dad, and emily to go see 500 Nights of Summer!!! It was one of those movies you rent when your at home and you WANT to fall asleep. haha but it as still fun!!!!!

Love to all! 

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  1. your blog is too cute!!! i want you to help me give mine a facelift!! i love it!! i am so excited for you and brandon!! your wedding is going to be so gorgeous and different!! can't wait to be a part of it all and plan the bachelorette parties and all the fun stuff!!! i love you baby girl